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Banking and
Financial Services

We help Financial Services companies run their businesses with numbers, not intuition. The GiniAnalytics team will find the solution to the most difficult task thanks to a wide range of competencies and innovative Artificial Intelligence technologies. Check out the services we can provide to your company.

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​GiniAnalytics Services

Big Data Analytics
and Visualization

Spot trends, track business goal achievements and compare the performance of various categories, products, brands, etc.
GiniAnalytics transforms large and complex datasets into appealing visuals to answer your specific business questions and makes data-driven decisions promptly and efficiently.

Machine Learning

Achieve maximum results and take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence with our team.
Machine learning technologies will take the use of your data to a new technical level — automate routine processes and find solutions to problems that are impossible for humans to solve.

Developing and Enrichment Data Mart

Organize your data to power the complete overview of your marketing and business performance. We connect all your data from different sources and enrich information about your customers from publicly available resources.
You can visualize them, automatically select customer bases for advertising campaigns or use our services to build mathematical models.

Predictive Analytics

Control how you use your resources, improve operational efficiency and boosting risk management for your business with GiniAnalytics.
We combine statistics and the latest technologies to develop predictive models.

Business Intelligence

Exploit the skills and resources you need, but only when you need them.
GiniAnalytics team are helping customers make faster, smarter business decisions using data engineering best practices and Artificial Intelligence.

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