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Boost your business with GiniAnalytics

We are data scientists, engineers, and advisors solving business challenges with innovative technology solutions

The latest technology
to boost your business

Combining the talent of consultants, Artificial Intelligence, and engineering knowledge, we embody vision and implementation to make your strategy a reality.

Machine Learning

Achieve maximum results and take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence with our team.
Machine learning technologies will take the use of your data to a new technical level — automate routine processes and find solutions to problems that are impossible for humans to solve.


Provide impactful customer journey, boost brand loyalty and purchases by having relevant personalization.

GiniAnalytics implements lots of algorithms by facilitating the customers to find the appropriate products according to their preferences.

Big Data Analytics and

Spot trends, track business goal achievements, compare the performance of various categories, products, brands, etc.
GiniAnalytics transforms large and complex datasets into appealing visuals to answer your specific business questions and makes data-driven decisions promptly and efficiently.

Consulting and Business Analytics

Exploit the skills and resources you need, but only when you need them.
GiniAnalytics team are helping customers make faster, smarter business decisions using data engineering best practices and Artificial Intelligence.

Predictive Analytics

Control how you use your resources, improve operational efficiency and boosting risk management for your business with GiniAnalytics.
We combine statistics and the latest technologies to develop predictive models.

Computer Vision

​Increase the value of your visual data. GiniAnalytics segments customer bases, detects fraud, analyzes video in real time and identification humans by using digital images from cameras and videos and deep learning models.

Speech and Text Analytics

Maximize efficiency, reduce repetitive tasks, better understand and serve customers with Speech and Text Analytics by GiniAnalytics.


For businesses of all sizes

GiniAnalytics provides technology solutions for banks, financial companies, retail, manufacturing, advertising, and other areas of activity, those are based on working with big data, mathematical modeling methods, and machine learning, and are aimed at three main business strategies: increasing sales, reducing costs, and risk management. 

Advertising and Social Media

Trusted by leading brands

Hear It from Our Customers

CEO, NEOBANK for all
Oksana Muntyan

CEO, NEOBANK for all

Automated credit decision-making system, predictive analytics, end-to-end analytics, dashboards

“NEOBANK for all" was launched in 2021. The team from GiniAnalytics had started working on the project before its launch. Their main responsibility was the development, implementation, and ongoing support of multi-staged credit analysis, which is the main business process for client onboarding online.
In addition to this, GiniAnalytics have adapted end-to-end analytics and onboarding funnel approach to our specific business needs, which has enabled our business to monitor and improve our business effectiveness. The project was run in several stages, from end-to-end analytics approach adaptation to its actual implementation, including all necessary technical integrations and data aggregation in cooperation with business, marketing, and IT-developers teams.
The team always demonstrated a high level of expertise and professionalism.

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